La Fontana is an ideal home base for people who are looking for a luxury, low-maintenance condominium community. While La Fontana features outstanding comforts and amenities, a major part of its appeal lies in its location in the midst of historic landmarks, beaches, nature preserves and much more.

A case in point: If visiting historical lighthouses is on your must-do list, you’re in for a treat! From your beautiful La Fontana condominium community, you’re within range of historic lighthouses that have helped guide navigators for more than a century. Florida has 29 such landmarks, some still active, along its 1,800-mile coastline.

Four lighthouses, some still operational, are nearby:

St. Augustine - The St. Augustine lighthouse is a dramatic sight with its spiral black and white stripes and red lantern. Built in 1871, it is still in operation and has undergone restoration as recently as 2000. You can climb the lighthouse tower as well as visit its museum, playground and gift shop.

Mayport  - Less than an hour’s drive north of La Fontana, you will find the Mayport Lighthouse in Atlantic Beach, near Jacksonville. This unusually shaped lighthouse is located on the grounds of the Mayport Naval Station. Still an active lighthouse, it is operated by the U.S. Navy. When you visit, you can view the tower and check out the keeper’s dwelling, but climbing the tower is off limits.

St. Johns River – While in Mayport and on the grounds of the Mayport Naval Station, you’re sure to spot the St. Johns River lighthouse. Its red conical tower is made of brick with a distinctive white lantern. The lighthouse is no longer operational. It dates from 1858 but was deactivated in 1929.

Amelia Island - If you’re looking for a wonderful day trip, a visit to Amelia Island is a good choice. While there, you can visit the grounds of Amelia’s lighthouse where it rises in all its 64-foot glory out of its surrounding tree-filled landscape. Take time to explore the grounds and enjoy the shade. The lighthouse tower itself is operational but not open to visitors. And be sure to visit nearby Main Beach Park, with its sand dunes,  boardwalk and public sports and recreation facilities.

No matter what your interests, living at La Fontana means you’re in a great location to explore and enjoy the many attractions Northeast Florida offers!